Internal rules

Internal rules of our Family Centre
and other frequently asked questions.

Emergency Response Centre

In case of emergency call the Emergency Response Centre phone number 112.

Family physician information line

In cases of unexpected or minor health issues you can contact the Estonian family physicians statewide advisory line by dialling 1220. The service is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but assistance is provided in Estonian and Russian.


The Patient Portal allows you to view your medical data, submit statements of intention, appoint representative(s) for yourself, and act on behalf of the persons who have appointed you as their representative.

Internal rules
Appointment of family doctor or family nurse

If you want to come to the family doctor or family nurse it is necessary to book an appointment:
• to Dr. Irina Tšern call phone +372 606 7729;
• to Dr. Elvira Kuperštein call phone +372 606 7745;
• to Dr. Andrei Tšern call phone +372 606 7760.

As a rule, for appointment is allowed 20 minutes (30 minutes on the well child care day). Please note that during one appointment we are dealing with one problem, so if you have several problems, book for 2 times. If a family member or a close person who also wants to talk to a doctor about his/her problems comes with you, then hi/she should also make an appointment.

If you are unable to come to appointment at the agreed time, please immediately let us know. So we can offer the time of appointment to someone else, who needs medical help.

A patient with an acute illness must be seen by a family doctor or nurse on the same day. If you are unexpectedly sick and you want to come to appointment on the same day, please call us – may we have free time for appointment on the same day, or the reception tries to suggest you such time, that you should wait as less as could. Family nurse is a first person who check patients with acute illness. She consults with a general practitioner if necessary.

The family nurse has independent appointments where he or she teaches, advises and guides people in promoting and maintaining health and preventing disease. The family nurse provides assistance in the event of illness and organizes medical records, in addition, the role of a nurse to monitor people with chronic illnesses. If necessary, the family nurse consults with the family doctor or refers the person to the appointment of the family doctor.

If you have a lot of health issues, it is recommended to write them down – then you don't forget to ask family physician about all of them. It is possible that not all issues will be dealt with in one appointment - if necessary, a plan can be made to deal with them.

Home visits

If you want a home visit please call to centre in the period from 08:00 till 12:00, the family nurse will give you primary recommendations and transmit the information to the doctor. Please describe why you want a home visit. The need for a home visit is decided by the doctor. Home visits are made by family physicians and family nurses after the appointments is completed.

For home visits, the family doctor may charge up to 5,00 €, regardless of how many patients she or he checks during the visit. Home visits for pregnant women and children under two years of age are free of charge.

Please note that the diagnostic possibilities of a doctor on a home visit are very low. Whenever possible, always come to the centre, we will try to find you an appointment as soon as possible. In centre we can perform additional analyses and diagnostics.

Uninsured persons

Uninsured persons could get medical help, but have to pay for medical services according our PRICELIST.

In case of emergency (where there is a risk of loss of life or limb/organ) medical help is free of charge for uninsured persons.

Uninsured or outpractice persons shall pay for for all medical services.

You can check out your health insurance validity, address, GP name and information related to a temporary incapacity benefit payments through the online banking or portal

You can ask questions related to insurance protection calling the Health Insurance Fund by phone +372 669 6630.

Sick leaves

Sickness benefit is a financial compensation paid by the Health Insurance Fund to an insured person (an employee, a civil servant, a person receiving remuneration or service fees on the basis of a contract under the law of obligations, a member of the management or controlling body of a legal person, a self-employed person, a spouse participating in the activities of a self-employed person) on the basis of a certificate for sick leave in case the person does not receive income subject to individually registered social tax due to a temporary release from their duties or economic or professional activity. You can claim sickness benefit in case of illness, an accident at work, traffic or personal injury.

When an employed person falls ill and needs to be away from work, the doctor will issue a certificate for sick leave to prove it. Based on this certificate, the employer and the Health Insurance Fund will pay to the person the benefit for temporary incapacity to work. Please note that in case of illness the employee will not be compensated for the first three days of illness. In case of illness, quarantine, and domestic or traffic injuries (and any resulting illness or complication), the employer will pay the benefit from the fourth day of illness. The Health Insurance Fund starts paying the benefit from the ninth day of illness.

We don't open sick leave retroactive or by e-mail!

In case of trauma or emergency we open sick leave according to the medical record of emergency department during two working days.

If repeated appointment is agreed, but for some unexpected reason you are unable to come to appointment, it is necessary to inform the general practitioner or family nurse (by phone, e-mail, etc.). Failure to attend an appointment without notice is a violation of the sick leave rules and the general practitioner has requirement to sign this. Although the sick leave may be continued from the day of the breach of the regime, but no further payment shall be made for days absent from work. Also, the coming to appointment under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a violation of the regime.


If you permanently use medications, please inform us about need of prescription before the medications end.

Digital prescription is a very convenient way to update recipes – there is no need to pick up a paper prescription at the Family Centre. Digital prescription is an electronic prescription for medications or a medical device, which is written by a doctor on a computer for a patient. Prescription is not printed on paper, but sent from the doctor's computer via the internet directly to the medical prescription centre. The prescription centre is an electronic database established to prescribe and process recipes (medicines, baby foods, medical devices). When you to the pharmacy, you should have identity document with a picture and a personal identification number, such as an ID card, a driving licence or a passport. If the medication is purchased by another person, you should also know his / her personal identification number. The pharmacist can easily find all the information he needs from the prescription centre using the patient's Social Security number. The doctor also has the right to put the limitations on prescription, such as narcotic drugs, in this case medication could be buyed only by the patient or authorized persons.

Specialised medical care

A person needs specialized care if the family doctor determines that their health concern requires the involvement of a more specialized doctor. A referral is needed to turn to a specialist, which is issued by the family doctor.

No referral is needed to turn to a(n): optometrist, dermatologist or venereologist, gynaecologist, pulmonologist, dentist, psychiatrist. The insured person has the right to choose the specialist that is suitable to them and an appointment time in any health care institution which is under contract with the Health Insurance Fund. The fund’s contract partners serve all insured individuals, regardless of their place of residence.

Health certificates

For getting driver's medical certificate, it is necessary to take with you the identity document (passport or ID-card) and the glasses or lenses, if the patient has one. The general practitioner can provide a medical certificate A, AM, B, BE, C and CE categories and their sub-categories of motor vehicles, except category B in a taxi, and A-, B - and C-category of emergency vehicle drivers, and the T-category of the tractor and mobile machinery drivers.

Drivers of vehicles of other categories, professional drivers (e.g. taxi drivers, emergency vehicle drivers) and driving instructors need to contact the traffic Medical Committee. Traffic Medical Committees are located at every major clinic in Tallinn. The medical requirements of drivers of motor vehicles are provided by the regulation of the Government of the Republic.

For getting weapons permit medical certificate, it is also necessary to take the identity document (passport or ID-card) and the glasses or lenses, if the patient has one. First we shall refer all persons applying for a medical certificate to a psychiatrist appointment. The medical requirements for obtaining a weapons licence are are provided by the regulation of the Government of the Republic.

NB! We only issue driver and weapons permit medical certificates to patients on our lists.

Other certificates

The general practitioner sets the price of the service itself, as the Health Insurance Fund does not pay for the medical certificate. However, there is a requirement that a general practitioner should have a price list of paid services so that each patient can have access to it. The cost of the service provided must be asked by the general practitioner.

Consultations by e-mail

The Family Centre's general e-mail ( ) is a good opportunity to contact doctor, ask prescriptions, get advice, etc. We usually reply to e-mails within 1-3 working days. However, we recommend calling the Family Centre for urgent questions and time reservations.

We don't open sick leave by e-mail!

We can send the results of tests or examinations by e-mail at the request of the patient.

We send results in encrypted form. To open a document, you need an ID card and an ID card reader. A free DigiDoc software is needed for encryption. It is recommended to install ID card software (download and install from ID.EE page).

How to choose or change family physician

To register or change your family doctor, you must submit a signed APPLICATION (Estonian: Avaldus perearsti nimistusse registreerimiseks) to the family doctor you have chosen. The application must be submitted in Estonian, for an example you can use ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF THE FORM. Applications must be submitted for each family member separately. More information about how to choose or change your family physician can be found HERE.

The application will be reviewed within 7 days, after which the selected family doctor will let you know if you have been accepted to doctor’s directory. After the doctor has confirmed to accept you, you are officially registered with the clinic starting from the 1st date of the following month.

The family doctor has the right to refuse to accept a person onto their list if the maximum size limit set for the list of the family doctor has been exceeded. In Estonia, the maximum amount of the list of the family doctor is 2000 people (or 2400, if also an assistant doctor works in the doctor’s office).

Necessary contacts
Estonian Health Insurance Fund

Client phone: +372 669 6630
Address: Lastekodu 48, 10144 Tallinn

Ministry of Social Affairs

Client phone: +372 626 9301
Address: Suur-Ameerika 1, 10122 Tallinn

Health Board

Client phone: +372 794 3500
Address: Paldiski mnt 81, 10617 Tallinn